Become a recognized SIYB Master Trainer (NPF)

Audience: Experienced Local Programme Facilitator trainers

Description: The title of Master Trainer (and certification as a National Programme Facilitator) is awarded to Local Programme Facilitator trainers who complete a further 10 days of training on SIYB from an International Trainer (consultant) and an accredited National Programme Facilitator (NPF). To be eligible for the course trainers/local facilitators need to satisfy ILO selection criteria and performance benchmarks. Upon completing the 10 days of training, participants then need to independently conduct a full TOT program, supervised by certified NPF. After gaining TOT experience, the potential NPF will sit for another five-day refresher course.

Outcome: Following this process, if a participant proves themselves as a competent trainer, the ILO will award them with NPF certificate and the title of Master Trainer. Master Trainers can train and accredit LPFs in their country.

Prerequisites: Experienced Local Programme Facilitator trainers (who have completed the full TOT-SIYB course)

Cost: Contact Us for more information.

Duration: 10 days

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