Lal Bir BK - SIYB Student
Lal Bir BK Humla District

The SIYB module was my favorite, it was really enjoyable and informative. The SIYB business game was great, it created a positive energy and encouraged us to be active and cooperate with our fellow trainers.

Karna Singh Dhami - SIYB Student
Karna Singh Dhami Baitadi District

After completing the SIYB training of trainers course I am confident that I can get a job in my local village and help the community and assist the poor to become entrepreneurs.

Bhawani Neupane - SIYB Student
Bhawani Neupane Rasuwa District

I attended an 18 month Enterprise Development (EDF) Course in 2016 and among the modules was the SIYB training. It was fun and entertaining, and I think the most valuable module. I really liked the SIYB business games, they are a great educational tools.


SIYB Student - Srijana Shahi
Srijana Shahi Kalikot District

I have been inspired by the SIYB training conducted by IEDI. It has given me the confidence to implement TOPE/TOSE training in future at my village and others.