Turn your idea into income. Learn to start, grow, improve and expand a business.

Audience: Potential Entrepreneurs, anyone who wants to start a business in Nepal. People with business ideas and people who are seeking a business idea.

Description: This training package covers the all levels of the SIYB L1 program. The training will cover everything from business idea awareness and creation to more advance learnings, such as supply-chain management and product development. Course material is presented using simple language, illustrations, games and basic exercises to present technical concepts in an easy to understand format.

TOPE Training Program

  1. Introductory Session
  2. Business Concept and its Importance
  3. Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur
  4. Qualities of an Entrepreneur and Evaluation
  5. Relation between Enterprise and Family
  6. Identification of Business Opportunities
  7. Commitment to do Business

TOPE Manual
TOPE Manual

TOSE Training Program

  1. Introduction and Levelling of Expectations
  2. Business Identification and Selection
  3. Identification of Target Customers
  4. Salesmanship
  5. Market Survey
  6. Production and Utilization of Resources
  7. Costing and Pricing
  8. Business Plan
  9. Business Plan Presentation and Evaluation

TOSE Manual
TOSE Manual

TOEE Training Program

  1. Introduction and Levelling of Expectations
  2. Business Management
  3. Channel of Distribution
  4. Promotion of Products/Services
  5. Sales Strategy
  6. Well Managed Work Place
  7. Quality Control
  8. Determining Volume of Production
  9. Cost Control
  10. Accounting
  11. Action Plan

TOEE Manual
TOEE Manual

TOGE Training Program

  1. Business expansion and growth: an introduction.
  2. Market expansion.
  3. Competitors.
  4. Productivity and workers’ motivation.
  5. Workplace and external relations.
  6. Product development.
  7. Cost control.
  8. Sales and cost planning.
  9. Cash flow planning.
  10. Balance sheet.
  11. Product development.
  12. Business expansion plan.

TOGE Manual
TOGE Manual

Outcome: Participants will finish the course with new knowledge and a Business Plan, which can be used to secure start-up funding as well as guide their business’ development through the early stages and into the future.

Pre-requisites: An eagerness to learn

Duration: Ten days

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