Audience: Potential SIYB trainers, with some prior entrepreneurship training experience, and field workers from development organisations operating in Nepal.

Description:This certification is awarded to LPF trainers who complete a further 10 days of training on SIYB from an International Trainer (consultant) and an accredited NPF. To be eligible for the course trainers/local facilitators need to satisfy ILO selection criteria and performance benchmarks. Upon completing the 10 days of training, participants then need to independently conduct a full TOT program, supervised by certified NPF. After gaining TOT experience, the potential NPF will sit for another five-day refresher course.

Following this process, if a participant proves themselves as a competent trainer, the ILO will award them with NPF certificate and the title of Master Trainer. Master Trainers can train and accredit LPFs in their country. At present, there are nine Master Trainers in Nepal.

Prerequisites: Minimum plus-two pass (High School Grade). Prior business training knowledge. TOT-SYB course recommended.

Cost: Minimum 7,000 NPR per person

Duration: Five days

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